Research activities

The European Civilization Chair's research activity is grouped under three themes:

'Three Ukrainian Revolutions' (3R Project)

The Chair’s flagship research project is the ‘3R’ project of oral history on the three Ukrainian revolutions of 1990, 2004-05 and 2013-14, led by Prof. Paweł KOWAL and Prof. Georges MINK, in cooperation with distinguished international partner institutions. Read more about the project here.

‘Breaking Empires, Making Nations’

The second theme is ‘Breaking empires, making nations’, initiated by the major international conference held in 2015, which led to the volume Breaking Empires, Making Nations? The First World War and the Making of Europe. A series of special lectures intended to facilitate reflection of centenaries of the First World War and its aftermath began in January 2018. For information on these events, please visit this page.

'The Fate of Freedom’

The third theme was initiated by the conference held in 2016 on “The Fate of Freedom in Eastern Europe: Autocracy – Oligarchy – Anarchy?” which brought together historians of various periods and social scientists to reflect on an old Aristotelian dilemma in a regional context. It was continued by the 2018 conference on “Rousseau, Poland and Europe: Federalism – Sovereignty – Prosperity – Patriotism”. It is principally in this field that the Chairholder’s own research on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Enlightenment is conducted. For information on these events, please visit this page


General News


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Two students from the Sassoli Promotion, Nina and Olivier, took the initiative to compile references (books, films, research) to delve deeper into the topic. Take a...