Professional training - references

Own Initiatives


  • Regulatory Impact Analysis with Jacobs & Associates (2006-2009)
  • Southeast Europe and the EU – Leadership Development Programme with the TRANSFUSE Association and the European Fund for the Balkans (2006-present)
  • EU Executive Programme with the European Business Summit and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (2007-2009)

Tailor-made (by theme)

Competition Law and Policy

  • Advanced Community Law Training (ACLT) Programme 2005-2006)
  • Vocational Training for Rekabet Kurumu, the Turkish Competition Authority (2009)

EU Accession and Integration Strategies

EU Studies - General

External Relations, Security Policy and Development Cooperation

Internal Market

Media and Information/EU Terminology

Public Administration Reform

Regional and Local Administration Development

Social, Employment and Gender Policies

Trade Law and Policy


  • Annual training seminar in cooperation wit

General News