Bruges European Economic Research Papers (BEER)

Financial Systems and Income Inequality (1.65 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 36 (April 2017)


The Impact of the ECB's Asset Purchase Programmes on Sovereign Bond Spreads in the Euro Area (1.01 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 35 (September 2015)

Gibran WATFE

Free Movement of Persons: The Mirage of Social Security Schemes (1.12 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 34 (May 2015)


State Aid to Infrastructure: Do Competitively Selected Operators Obtain an Undue Advantage? (614.49 KB PDF)
BEER paper n° 33 (May 2015)


Discretion and Accountability: The ESMA Judgment and the Meroni Doctrine (416.85 KB PDF)
BEER paper n° 30 (August 2014)


A Microsimulation of the Impact of Tax Reforms on Child Poverty: the Case of Italy (539.28 KB PDF)
BEER paper n° 29 (February 2014)

Roxana SANDU

Social Capital and Individual Happiness in Europe (1.84 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 25 (December 2012)


Mutual Recognition: economic and regulatory logic in goods and services (2.33 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 24 (June 2012)


Betrand Competition with an Asymmetric No-discrimination Constraint (2.05 MB PDF)
BEER paper n°23 (June 2012)

Jan Bouckaert, Hans Degryse and Theon van Dijk.

Can Policy Make Us Happier? Individual characteristics, socioeconomic factors, and life satisfaction in Central and Eastern Europe (2.36 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 22 (November 2011)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Kristina Maslauskaite

Do Clusters Generate Greater Innovation and Growth? An Analysis of European Regions (1.54 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 21 (October 2011)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Fabrice Comptour

Market Efficiency in the EU ETS. An outlook for the third trading period (1.77 MB PDF)
BEER paper n° 20 (March 2011)

Mirzha de Manuel Armendía

Exports and Firm Productivity. The effect of US steel safeguards (1.9 MB PDF)
BEER paper 19 (January 2011)

Victoria Purice

Interconnector Investment for a Well-functioning Internal Market. What EU regime of regulatory incentives? (2.45 MB PDF)
BEER paper 18 (October 2010)

Lionel Kapff and Jacques Pelkmans

The Determinants of Investment in Information and Communication Technologies (267.94 KB PDF)
BEER paper 16 (March 2010)

Paolo Guerrieri, Matteo Lucani and Valentina Meliciani

Informational Barriers to Energy Efficiency - Theory and European Policies (1.08 MB PDF)
BEER paper 15 (December 2009)

Lars-Morten Andersen and Raimund Bleischwitz

EU Policies and Cluster Development of Hydrogen Communities (985.09 KB PDF)
BEER paper 14 (December 2008)

Raimund Bleischwitz, Nikolas Bader, Anne Nygaard Madsen and Per Dannemand Andersen

Economic Approaches of the Internal Market (413.29 KB PDF)
BEER paper 13 (April 2008)

Jacques Pelkmans

Cartels: The Probability of Getting Caught in the European Union (328.54 KB PDF)
BEER paper 12 (March 2008)

Emmanuel Combe, Constance Monnier and Renaud Legal

Regional Business Cycle Synchronization in Europe? (460.91 KB PDF)
BEER paper 11 (June 2007)

Lourdes Acedo Montoya and Jakob de Haan

Family Types and the Persistence of Regional Disparities in Europe (496.33 KB PDF)
BEER paper 10 (March 2007)

Gilles Duranton, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Richard Sandall

Analysing the Contribution of Business Services to European Economic Growth (728.51 KB PDF)
BEER paper 9 (February 2007)

Henk Kox and Luis Rubalcaba

The Determinants of Country Risk in Eastern European Countries. (527.21 KB PDF)
BEER research paper n° 8 (November 2006)

Kiril Strahilov

The 2005 Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact: Too Little, Too Late? (682.19 KB PDF)
BEER paper 6 (November 2006)

Fiorella Kostoris Padoa Schioppa

Regional business cycles and the emergence of sheltered economies in the southern periphery of Europe (621.66 KB PDF)
BEER paper 7 (November 2006)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Ugo Fratesi

R&D, Spillovers, Innovation Systems and the Genesis of Regional Growth in Europe (518.9 KB PDF)
BEER paper 5 (October 2006)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Riccardo Crescenzi

Regional Wage and Employment Responses to Market Potential in the EU (312.91 KB PDF)
BEER paper 3 (November 2005)

Keith Head and Thierry Mayer

Technology Diffusion, Services, and Endogenous Growth in Europe. Is the Lisbon Strategy Still Alive? (296.12 KB PDF)
BEER paper 2 (May 2005)

Paolo Guerrieri, Bernardo Maggi, Valentina Meliciani and Pier Carlo Padoan

Education, Migration, and Job Ssatisfaction: the Regional Returns of Human Capital in the EU (697.63 KB PDF)
BEER paper 10 (November 2004)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Montserrat Vilalta-Bufi

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