Accepted Language Tests and Diplomas

There are specific language requirements at the College of Europe, Bruges campus and Natolin campus.

We prefer students to obtain external language certificates. All international language certificates are accepted as long as they indicate the Council of Europe's levels.

Students may, if not in possession of a language certificate, also supply a university certificate or a recommendation letter written by a language professor or teacher referring to the applicant's language levels in relation to the Council of Europe levels.

We accept all language certificates from universities, language schools and testing organizations, as long as the language level is shown clearly.

The College of Europe can recommend the following international language tests:


We accept TOEFL certificates as long as students show that the level corresponds to the College requirements for the programme being applied for.
Please note that if your TOEFL/IELTS qualification runs out before you begin at the College in September, you do not have to retake the test if the expiry date falls within a reasonable period which would allow you to be considered as an applicant.



  • TOEFL: "Compare Score Tools": this is a tool to compare TOEFL and IELTS scores and also to see where TOEFL scores match the Common European Framework - more information.
  • DIALANG Applicants who have no language certificates may use this tool to self assess their level and send the result as a dialang level indication. Please note we cannot help with supporting this tool - website.
  • You may wish to consult "Course Finders" for information about language tests and levels.
  • LINGUEE: Your bilingual dictionary website.