Improving English before coming to the College

English is one of the two working languages of the College. A good working knowledge of English is an essential condition for admission. The College usually requires students to have a minimum level of B1 on the Council of Europe language scales. International Relations and  Diplomacy students should have a C1 level in English.

All applicants should evaluate their language skills in the online application form and, when possible,  supply internationally recognised certificates or recommendations from language teachers or professors mentioning the applicant's level in relation to the common European framework for languages. Please note that there are specific language requirements for the different study programmes.

Improving English during the introductory courses

Those with weak levels of English are encouraged to apply if they are able to make sufficient progress before the start of the academic year.
There are English courses as part of the College introductory weeks in August and September for Law and Politics students.

For more details, please see the relevant department's web pages.

Improving English before coming to the College

Applicants should contact their local British Council for expert advice.