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BRADLEY K. - Brexit Law (8h)

The United Kingdom has now withdrawn from the European Union; it is a third State, like Switzerland or Brazil. The effects of withdrawal will not be felt until the end of the transition period, on 31 December 2020, while some of these will be mitigated by the 2020 Withdrawal Agreement. The Brexit process, which is still ongoing, has thrown up numerous novel legal issues, some of which have been resolved by the Court of Justice.

In the course of the compact seminar, which non-lawyers are welcome to attend, we will examine the following topics:

  • Why did the United Kingdom decide to leave the European Union?
  • How does public international law regulate withdrawal from a treaty?
  • How does the withdrawal procedure work?
  • Does notification of intention to leave affect on the legal position of individuals?
  • What does the Withdrawal Agreement say?
  • What happens next?

Professor: Kieran BRADLEY