SHATTUCK J. - US-EU Relations in the 21st Century: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Transatlantic Affairs (27h)

Professor: John SHATTUCK (The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)

Academic Assistant:  Anna-Liisa MERILIND (The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) - Juliette DUPONT (College of Europe)

Syllabus (updated 15.10.21)

The course will explore the origins of transatlantic cooperation and the creation of common European economic and political structures, notably the European Union (EU), and the development of transatlantic security alliances, particularly the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  It will compare constitutional governance in the differing federal systems of the US and the EU, explore centrifugal forces that are testing the sustainability of the EU, and examine the populist and nationalist political movements and neo-authoritarian tendencies that are challenging liberal democracy on both sides of the Atlantic. Areas of economic cooperation and tension will be studied, including the financial crisis, international trade and regulatory affairs, and the negotiation of transatlantic trade and investment partnerships.  The course will also take up cooperative and conflicting policies of transatlantic partners in addressing security problems, including the relationship of Russia, Ukraine and countries to the east and south with evolving transatlantic security, economic and political structures.

Academic year
2021 - 2022
First semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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