van de WERVE T. - Business Interest Representation in the EU (15h)

Assistant: Hugo MAYCA

To assess why EU oriented corporate political activity is undertaken, how and to what effect; and explain the regulatory and institutional context in which such activity is taking place.

To confront theory (academic research) and practice using real life examples.

  1. Overview and introduction to EU interest representation (definitions, comparison with the US, raison d’être)
  2. Corporate interest representation and democracy
  3. Structure and components of dialogue between EU institutions and outside stakeholders
  4. How EU decision making shapes interest intermediation
  5. Forms of corporate interest representation
  6. Use made by EU institutions of interest organizations
  7. Trade associations: role, governance, advocacy (best practices, tools and strategy), performance
  8. Advocacy effectiveness determinants

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Academic year
2022 - 2023
Course type
Compact seminars
ECTS Points