BANNER H. & SCHÄFER D. - How to Brief a European Decision-Maker : Strategic Political Communication in the EU Institutions (8h)

Professor Helene BANNER

Professor David SCHÄFER

Academic assistant: Thibault BESNIER

This hands-on workshop introduces the participants into key concepts, techniques and pitfalls of political communication from the insider perspective of the European institutions. It presents the principles of skilled political communication and introduces tools and strategies for crafting clear and effective messages in an EU context with the aim to show that political communication needs to be a guiding threat of any policy development rather than a mere after-thought. The students learn how to identify and effectively address target audiences in the different national contexts of EU communication and how to weave this knowledge into internal decision-making processes. The workshop applies the input through practical exercises, such as preparing a speech, a press release and a briefing for a European Commissioner.

The seminar aims to support students planning to enter a field in communication and European public affairs related areas, such as working for the EU institutions and MEPs, consultancies, or non-governmental organisations, where clear and targeted communication is in high demand, both inside the organisation and towards the public.

Academic year
2023 - 2024
Course type
ECTS Points