VAN DAMME I. - New Directions in EU Trade Law & Policy (25h)

Professor: I. VAN DAMME

This seminar will focus on the structure and design of EU Trade Law and Policy and its practical operation.

It will start with an overview of the history of EU Trade Law and Policy and the core principles of international trade law law, focusing on, inter alia, the dynamic development of the scope of the common commercial policy, the role of the CJEU and the relationship of co-adaptation between the European Union and the GATT 1947/WTO. The overview of that history will end with an introduction to the European Union’s current policy of ‘strategic autonomy’.

For the purpose of this seminar, EU Trade Law and Policy will be understood as also covering investment law and policy.  Against that historical background, the seminar will address the institutional aspects of EU Trade Law and Policy. Those aspects include, but are not limited to, the vertical and horizontal allocation of competences, the practice of and principles governing the negotiation and conclusion of EU-only and mixed trade and investment agreements and their possible provisional application.

After having covered the institutional aspects, the next part of the seminar will focus on substantive aspects of EU trade and investment law and its enforcement.

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Academic year
2023 - 2024
Second semester
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