WESTLAKE M. - How to Find Work in the European Union and its Institutions (8h)

Professor Martin WESTLAKE

Academic assistant: Eness CIOBANU

The workshop will be useful for anybody interested in a career in or about the EU administration and the EU's various institutions, agencies and bodies. It will consider: the wide range of positions in the EU institutions and agencies, in Brussels, Luxembourg and throughout the world; the many types, advantages and disadvantages of temporary and permanent posts; how temporary posts can become stepping stones to permanent or very long-term jobs; the critical difference between being selected and being recruited, and how recruitment really works; the little-known alternatives to the standard EPSO route; the value of traineeships and how to get the most out of them; the crucial importance of 'being there' and building networks; why and how strategic thinking is important, and the best philosophy to adopt. The workshop will be given by a former official who has worked in two European organisations and five different institutions.

Academic year
2023 - 2024
Course type
ECTS Points