BERDEN K. - EU Policies : Review and Analysis of their Implementation (30h)

The EU Policies course will familiarize students with the reality of policy development and implementation by offering them theoretical and practical exposure to the design, development, implementation and review of EU policies. The course objective will be achieved by studying concrete examples of recent flagship policies and how to make them work - the issues they sought to solve, how they were designed and applied, how stakeholders, including national administrations, interacted and what unexpected problems may have arisen. The EU Policies course will include simulations, presentations, in-depth interactions, group work and exercises, to allow students to learn how to devise more efficient public policies, with a primary focus on economic, trade, pharmaceutical and green policies in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia´s war in Ukraine.

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Academic year
2024 - 2025
Second semester
Course type
Optional courses
ECTS Points