COUTURIER J. - European Business and Corporate Strategy (20h)

This course helps students to understand the nature of strategy making processes and to apply fundamental theories and frameworks for devising business and corporate strategies in a European context. In addition, students will gain a profound insight into the rationale for the diversification, internationalization and Europeanization of firms. A focus will be put on the challenges of mergers and acquisitions in a European context and on the opportunities created by the European economic integration.

  • Strategy, Strategic Thinking and Business Strategy.
  • Analysing the firm's environment: competitive pressures and competitive advantage.
  • Defining strategic guidelines.
  • Diversification and the search for synergy.
  • Internationalization, Europeanization, and globalization.
  • Growth of organizations. Vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Corporate social responsibility and growth strategies.
  • Manage execution, the transformation process of an organization.

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Academic year
2024 - 2025
First semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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