Discussing Europe

Discussing Europe: Debates on Current European Issues

The Department of European Economic Studies has launched a series of monthly meetings to discuss and exchange views on issues, mostly economic, that should concern all of us. The formal courses offered by the various Departments of the College provide much knowledge and skills but do not always cover contemporary issues as they evolve.
We want to offer an opportunity to students to find out more, to hear what others think and to express their own views. Discussion is the first step to being an “engaged citizen”.

  • 21 October 2015: The European Union: to be or not to be?  Do we still need the European Union today? The financial crisis has weakened the EU economy and undermined the belief in the Eurozone. Millions of migrants and refugees are at the EU's doorstep and the security situation in neighbouring regions is continuously deteriorating. European citizens are turning towards radical political parties and for the first time, we are facing the possibility of a Member State exiting the Union.  The current situation brings up a number of challenging questions. Do we need the Union in its current form? Is the current design of the EU capable of facing the numerous challenges both at home and abroad? What is the future of the EU? Is there a future for the Union at all?
  • 30 September 2015: Refugees and the future of the European economy. The refugees crisis poses great challenges to our societies. It has already taken its toll on the supposed European solidarity. Can we afford to receive so many people? What are the costs and benefits of integrating refugees?  How can we distinguish between economic migrants and refugees? Can the agreement reached at the European Council on 24 September provide long-term solutions? Economic analysis can help frame the debate.