Bruges European Economic Research Papers (BEER)

Sectoral shocks in network industries - Towards a better European economic regulation (1.63 MB )
BEER paper n° 38 (December 2020)


An Economic Analysis of Liability of Hosting Services: Uncertainty and Incentives Online (513.6 KB )
BEER paper n° 37 (July 2017)

Joanna HORNIK and Carmen VILLA LLERA

Financial Systems and Income Inequality (1.65 MB )
BEER paper n° 36 (April 2017)


Free Movement of Persons: The Mirage of Social Security Schemes (1.12 MB )
BEER paper n° 34 (May 2015)


State Aid to Infrastructure: Do Competitively Selected Operators Obtain an Undue Advantage? (614.49 KB )
BEER paper n° 33 (May 2015)


Discretion and Accountability: The ESMA Judgment and the Meroni Doctrine (416.85 KB )
BEER paper n° 30 (August 2014)


A Microsimulation of the Impact of Tax Reforms on Child Poverty: the Case of Italy (539.28 KB )
BEER paper n° 29 (February 2014)

Roxana SANDU

Life is Getting Worse in ESS Data: Is This Due to Micro or Macro Factors? (2 MB )
BEER paper n° 28 (November 2013)


Social Capital and Individual Happiness in Europe (1.84 MB )
BEER paper n° 25 (December 2012)


Mutual Recognition: economic and regulatory logic in goods and services (2.33 MB )
BEER paper n° 24 (June 2012)


Betrand Competition with an Asymmetric No-discrimination Constraint (2.05 MB )
BEER paper n°23 (June 2012)

Jan Bouckaert, Hans Degryse and Theon van Dijk.

Can Policy Make Us Happier? Individual characteristics, socioeconomic factors, and life satisfaction in Central and Eastern Europe (2.36 MB )
BEER paper n° 22 (November 2011)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Kristina Maslauskaite

Do Clusters Generate Greater Innovation and Growth? An Analysis of European Regions (1.54 MB )
BEER paper n° 21 (October 2011)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Fabrice Comptour

Market Efficiency in the EU ETS. An outlook for the third trading period (1.77 MB )
BEER paper n° 20 (March 2011)

Mirzha de Manuel Armendía

Exports and Firm Productivity. The effect of US steel safeguards (1.9 MB )
BEER paper 19 (January 2011)

Victoria Purice

Interconnector Investment for a Well-functioning Internal Market. What EU regime of regulatory incentives? (2.45 MB )
BEER paper 18 (October 2010)

Lionel Kapff and Jacques Pelkmans

The Determinants of Investment in Information and Communication Technologies (267.94 KB )
BEER paper 16 (March 2010)

Paolo Guerrieri, Matteo Lucani and Valentina Meliciani

Informational Barriers to Energy Efficiency - Theory and European Policies (1.08 MB )
BEER paper 15 (December 2009)

Lars-Morten Andersen and Raimund Bleischwitz

EU Policies and Cluster Development of Hydrogen Communities (985.09 KB )
BEER paper 14 (December 2008)

Raimund Bleischwitz, Nikolas Bader, Anne Nygaard Madsen and Per Dannemand Andersen

Economic Approaches of the Internal Market (413.29 KB )
BEER paper 13 (April 2008)

Jacques Pelkmans

Cartels: The Probability of Getting Caught in the European Union (328.54 KB )
BEER paper 12 (March 2008)

Emmanuel Combe, Constance Monnier and Renaud Legal

Regional Business Cycle Synchronization in Europe? (460.91 KB )
BEER paper 11 (June 2007)

Lourdes Acedo Montoya and Jakob de Haan

Family Types and the Persistence of Regional Disparities in Europe (496.33 KB )
BEER paper 10 (March 2007)

Gilles Duranton, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Richard Sandall

Analysing the Contribution of Business Services to European Economic Growth (728.51 KB )
BEER paper 9 (February 2007)

Henk Kox and Luis Rubalcaba

The Determinants of Country Risk in Eastern European Countries. (527.21 KB )
BEER research paper n° 8 (November 2006)

Kiril Strahilov

The 2005 Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact: Too Little, Too Late? (682.19 KB )
BEER paper 6 (November 2006)

Fiorella Kostoris Padoa Schioppa

Regional business cycles and the emergence of sheltered economies in the southern periphery of Europe (621.66 KB )
BEER paper 7 (November 2006)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Ugo Fratesi

R&D, Spillovers, Innovation Systems and the Genesis of Regional Growth in Europe (518.9 KB )
BEER paper 5 (October 2006)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Riccardo Crescenzi

Regional Wage and Employment Responses to Market Potential in the EU (312.91 KB )
BEER paper 3 (November 2005)

Keith Head and Thierry Mayer

Technology Diffusion, Services, and Endogenous Growth in Europe. Is the Lisbon Strategy Still Alive? (296.12 KB )
BEER paper 2 (May 2005)

Paolo Guerrieri, Bernardo Maggi, Valentina Meliciani and Pier Carlo Padoan

Education, Migration, and Job Ssatisfaction: the Regional Returns of Human Capital in the EU (697.63 KB )
BEER paper 10 (November 2004)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Montserrat Vilalta-Bufi