Development Office (Bruges campus)

The Development Office is in charge of all the external and contractual activities of the College.


Jesús Ballesteros, Advisor to the Rector on Development Office related business and strategic orientation matters


Claire Lawrence, Co-Director a.i.
Cesare Zegretti, Co-Director a.i.


Etienne GAREL, Project Manager
Anna Grieco, Senior Project Manager and Business Developer
Sara Hurtekant, EU Affairs Officer
Emilio LAGE RODRIGUEZ, Junior Project Manager
Katherine Miccinilli, Project Manager
Mariana VIKHOT, Junior Project Manager


Leticia Vicario, Communications Manager


Pascale Claeys, Project Assistant
Layla Cornelissen, Project Assistant
Stefanie Maertens, Project Assistant
Maureen Welsh, Project and Communications Assistant
Saskia Willems, Project Assistant