Practical Information

The conference will take place on the Verversdijk campus of the College of Europe.

Participation in the conference will include access to all sessions, the conference dinner, lunches, coffee breaks, a boat trip on the canals of Bruges, and a guided tour of the city.

This is the provisional programme of the Forum. There are 12 different parallel sessions: you can read the composition of each session on this preliminary schedule.

If you need information on lodging in Bruges, keep in mind that the touristic season is likely going to return to Bruges this spring, and hotels get booked quickly. Here is a short list of hotels we have been working with in the last couple of years:

They are all located at a walking distance from the campus of the College of Europe.

General News


EU Diplomacy Paper 3/2024

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies has published a new EU Diplomacy Paper entitled "The ‘Graveyard of Umpires’? The Hard-Learned Lessons that Afghanistan Taught EU...