AMTENBRINK F. - EMU, Financial Market Regulation and Supervision (25h)

Professor: F. AMTENBRINK

Leaving with a better understanding of the European approach to regulating the financial sector.

The students will be provided with a critical overview of the following topics: (i) The principles underpinning the Economic and Monetary Union, (ii) Regulation and Supervision in the EMU (iii) Legal aspects of the euro area and Legal aspects of economic coordination in the EU, (iv) regulation and supervision of financial services.

The seminar will deal with the following topics: the principles underpinning the creation of the EMU; Regulation and Supervision of financial markets;  the role of ECB; legal aspects of the crisis in the euro area; legal aspects of economic coordination in the EU.

Academic year
2023 - 2024
Second semester
Course type
ECTS Points