DUMONT B. & PIETRAS J. - Economics of European Integration : From Theory to Practice (30/20h)

Assistant: Uyanga LKHAGVAJAV

The course combines economic analysis of the major aspects of integration with an understanding of the economic, legal and institutional integration methods employed in the EU. It provides economic tools for appraising the objectives and process of integration, assessing the economic framework of the EU and analysing the impact of EU regulation. It is intended to equip students with the necessary knowledge for more specialised courses. It presents various tests and criteria for evaluating the added value (or not) of the European integration process.

Moreover, the course explains how the relevant freedoms are realised and critically reviews common policies linked to the establishment and functioning of the internal market (including agriculture and trade policies) but also equity and stabilisation policies. Both normative economic assessment and testing of economic impact are used to provide a comprehensive perspective on the economic functions and effects of the EU.

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Academic year
2023 - 2024
First semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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