PATTEN R. - EU Lobbying : Demystifying the Reality Demonstrating the Democratic Necessity (8h)

Professor Russell PATTEN

Academic assistant: Íñigo MARTÍN MONTERRUBIO

The objective of the seminar is it to provide a practitioner’s view (as opposed to a purely academic view) of how lobbying has developed and how it is practiced on a day-to-day in the EU-Brussels environment. It will consist of a lecture and a practical exercise: the lecture will provide an insight into best lobbying techniques, examples of lobbying case studies and how to operate in the EU-Brussels environment and indeed further afield. The practical exercise, then, will focus on a lobbying methodology and how to use it. A fictitious case will be provided and the students will have to use the methodology to develop a lobbying campaign and present it in class, with a collective and individual feedback. The course is very much aimed at fostering debate and also looking at the value of lobbying for democracy and the organizations that practice it. Finally, it will provide an insight into the profession, explaining the day to day activities of a lobbying consultant as many College students will find themselves in organizations representing interests.

Academic year
2023 - 2024
Course type
ECTS Points