Meetings of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair and European Civilization Chair with the Natolin students

Following the opening of the academic year 2021/2022 in Natolin, the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair and the European Civilization Chair respectively met with the Natolin students of the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion.

The European Neighbourhood Policy Chair organized on 8 September 2021 a special introductory meeting with students interested in the ENP and beneficiaries of the ENP Scholarship. The Chair presented its mission, activities, and staff members: the Chairholder, Prof. Dr Tobias SCHUMACHER, Senior Research Fellow, Dr Andriy TYUSHKA, Research Fellow, Dr Emile BADARIN, and the Chair’s Assistant, Ms Maja OLSZEWSKA.

Students were informed about modalities of the ENP programme realized at Natolin through its "The EU and its Neighbours" major (one of four available to the students in the second semester), various extracurricular events to be held by the ENP Chair in the months to come, and the opportunities to work on the ENP-related topics in the framework of their dissertations. This newly gathered 'ENP community' of the Natolin campus expressed the enthusiasm in pursuing the study of what Prof. Tobias SCHUMACHER often describes as "the EU’s most sophisticated and most wide-ranging external relations framework ever devised by Brussels and the Member States".

On 9 September 2021, Professor Georges MINK, the Chairholder of the European Civilization Chair, held a meeting with this year's beneficiaries of Geremek Scholarships and a dedicated session with all Natolin students interested in history. Professor MINK led the discussion with other members of our academic staff: Dr Zachary MAZUR, Mr Nicolas NIZOWICZ, and Visiting Professor Tomasz PUDŁOCKI.

During the meeting, students could familiarise themselves with the work and achievements of the European Civilization Chair, including its activities related to the study of the history of Central and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus), current plans, and its contribution to the academic curriculum. The Chairholder and his colleagues informed the students about the principles of writing a Master's thesis in history or including a clear historical component. They also discussed the relationship between memory and history.

Since its re-founding in 2011, the European Civilization Chair has been an integral part of the academic and research work at Natolin. The principal focus of the Chair is recent European history, particularly Europe’s journey from division to reunification in the 20th century, with the caveat that reunification remains very much a work in progress. It also remains a fundamental part of Natolin’s core academic programme, European Interdisciplinary Studies, enhancing its interdisciplinary character. The students demonstrated significant interest in the Chair's work, which provides space for history-related ideas, reflection on history, and dealing with the past in contemporary societies.

Please find below, through our Flickr gallery, a selection of pictures of the events:

Meeting of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair and European Civilization Chair with the Natolin students