EU Public Affairs and Policies

Students meet Mr José BARROSO

This major provides students with the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the political and legal frameworks governing the EU and to grasp the complex political economy of EU governance. It also invites them to specialize in selected issues of critical importance for the social and economic progress in the European Union, such as the internal market and competition policy, the Eurozone’s macroeconomic governance, migration policy, energy and the environment, and social policy. Since acquiring proper knowledge in those areas requires intensive training in disciplines such as EU law, economics, political economy, comparative politics, and policy analysis, this major excels at forming students who combine deep understanding of the complexities of the day-to-day EU policy making with readiness to engage with them after their graduation.

The second semester study trip is an integral part of the academic programme, participation is obligatory and students are expected to attend all related conferences and activities. It counts for 2 ECTS.

Compulsory core course

The core course characterizes the major and is compulsory.

Optional specialist courses

In addition to the compulsory core course, students must take five optional specialist courses. In this way, students can shape their chosen major according to their specific interests.

Students can also choose one optional specialist course (maximum) from the list of the European History and Civilization major.

Research colloquium

  • BOBROWICZ B. & FINCK F. - EPAP Research colloquium (0 ECTS)

Compact seminars

Students can also choose one compact seminar (maximum) from the list of the European History and Civilization major.


Simulation game

(*): Shared with the European History and Civilization major.

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