Cost of living, Bruges campus

Cost of Living

The table below gives a sample budget, per academic year, for a postgraduate student at the College of Europe, Bruges campus.

Living cost Cost per year
Accommodation Included in the fees
Meals (from Monday to Saturday, except for official holidays) Included in the fees
Meals (Sundays & Official holidays, on average 50 days a year) € 1.000

Books / Syllabi (if one buys them all and new but many are now available online to avoid unnecessary printing)

€ 50 - € 350 (varies per department)

  • around € 150
  • around € 350
  • around € 100
  • around € 50
  • around € 100
Prints & photocopies Average of € 75

Miscellaneous expenses such as sports, social and extra-curricular activities, personal insurances, VISA and residence permit, etc are not included. For reference see