Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the College of Europe offer Ph.D. courses or distance learning? Can I study at the College of Europe only for one semester?
    No. The College of Europe is a postgraduate institute offering European studies in politics and governance, economics, law and international relations and diplomacy (Brugge) and interdisciplinary studies (Natolin). All students have to be registered for the whole academic year. Please note that the Executive Education Offices in Bruges and Natolin offer short courses and distance learning.
  • When does the academic year start/end?   
    The academic year in Bruges, Natolin and Tirana starts mid-September and lasts until the end of June (except for the study tracks "European Economic Integration and Business",  "European Law and Economic Analysis" and "European Public Policy Analysis" which already start at the end of August). Please note that introductory courses may start at the end of August.