BICKERTON C. - From Nation-States to Member States : European Integration and State Transformation (25h)

Professor: BICKERTON Christopher     Academic Assistant: Margaux COGNARD

The course will begin by considering the concept of the EU member state from a general perspective. It will ask what this concept means and whether there is anything different between member states and other past forms of statehood that have developed in Europe. The course will then focus on the variety of ways in which member states differ from one another: in terms of their size and power, their political system and economic growth model, the timing of their entry into the EU and the historical context in which this entry took place. The course will consider these differences amongst member states from the perspective of nation-states themselves and from the perspective of the EU and the European integration process. The course will encourage students to inquire into the relationship between the diversity amongst EU member states and the wider dynamics of European integration.

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Academic year
2023 - 2024
First semester
Course type
Optional courses
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