CHANG M. - The Political Economy of European Integration (40h)

Professor: Michele CHANG

Academic Assistants: Íñigo MARTÍN MONTERRUBIO and Sanae YOUBI

This course provides an overview of some of the EU’s major economic policies relating to economic and monetary union (EMU) and trade. The first part of the course covers monetary integration, fiscal policy cooperation and economic policy cooperation. The second part of the course deals with financial integration, including banking union. The final part of the course includes the single market and the common commercial policy. No economics background is assumed, and the course will provide explanations of the major economic concepts relevant to each policy area. The course considers the objectives and institutional framework for the respective policies and some of the major ideas from the political economy literature to explain their development.

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Academic year
2023 - 2024
First semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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