The EU as a Global Actor

Students at NMUN 2016 in NYC

This major provides students with cutting-edge knowledge on the EU in world affairs and global governance in areas such as sustainable development, energy, trade, economic governance, security, human rights, migration, health, development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Students also gain expertise on EU relations with key global and emerging actors in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, other regional and inter-regional arrangements in Europe and beyond, and international organizations. They investigate the post-colonial heritage in EU external relations and learn to understand the perceptions of the EU by external actors. This major prepares students for careers in EU institutions, the European External Action Service, ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, international organizations, NGOs, think tanks and academia.

Compulsory core course

The core course characterizes the major and is compulsory.

Optional specialist courses

In addition to the compulsory core course, students must take five optional specialist courses. In this way, students can shape their chosen major according to their specific interests. (*): Optional specialist courses shared with the European History and Civilization major.

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