French Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies programme must have a minimum level of C1 in English and of B1/B2 in French. A limited number of students with elementary French (A1/A2) may be admitted on condition that they follow an intensive course over the summer and a French course throughout the academic year. A CEF level of B1 in French must in this case be achieved in order to graduate.

More information on these levels can be obtained from the Council of Europe website.

The required competences for a B1 level can be described as follows: the student understands the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters, can produce simple connected text on topics of interest, and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Students with a B1 level of French at the start of the academic year choose from beginners' level Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish.

Evidence may be provided in the form of an internationally recognised certificate such as DELF B1 or TCF niveau 3 (Test de connaissance du français). All students who are not native speakers will be required to take the College of Europe French test on entry.

Improving your French before coming to the College

Please contact the Alliance Française, the Institut Français or your current university to find out about the various possibilities on offer to improve your French. For example, there are study courses recognised by the Alliance Française which are designed to prepare you for academic French, for instance at the Alliance Française de Bruxelles-Europe.