Lunch talks: past events

139th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: Tuesday, 26 March 2024

The Apple Music Streaming Decision – Change of Paradigm?

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138th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: Monday, 15 January 2024

Christmas message of the Court on competition law in sports

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137th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: Friday, December 8, 2023

FSR merger tool – first experiences



136th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 6 November 2023

The Digital Markets Act and Next Steps - Compliance & Enforcement



135th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 11 October 2023

Ecosystem theories of harm in digital mergers


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134th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 20 September 2023

EU FDI Regulation under review: what’s next?


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133rd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 05 July 2023

Merger control through the backdoor(s): the ex post review of non-notifiable transactions in the EU


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132nd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 05 June 2023

The Guidance Paper is Dead – Long Live the Guidelines? Reformation and Counter-reformation in Article 102



131st GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 16 March 2023

Market Definition Revisited: a discussion of the draft new notice

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130th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 3 March 2023

Draft Foreign Subsidies Implementing Regulation: the path for enforcement


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129th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 09 December 2022

Selected topics on the future Horizontal Block Exemption and Guidelines: Information Exchange 


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128th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 07 November 2022

Article 102 TFEU: retrospective and prospective



127th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 03 October 2022

Horizontal cooperation in network industries in light of the recent Czech case and the revision of the EC guidelines


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126th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 05 September 2022

Informal guidance: this time for real? The revision of the Commission’s notice on informal guidance for novel antitrust questions


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125th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 30 June 2022

Convergence and divergence in global merger control - How are recent discussions on the role of merger control influencing process, decisions and remedies?


124th GCLC Lunch Talk

When:2 February 2022

Title: The Intel Judgment – Lessons from the whole saga



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123th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 13 September 2021

Title: State aid procedure and the Tempus judgment: back to square 1?

122th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 16 November 2021

Title: The Google Shopping judgment - first comments


121th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 22 September 2021

Title: Can Antitrust Compliance Affect Leniency and Enforcement? The Chemical Cartels Patter

120th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 10 June 2021

Title: Merger assessment below the radar: The Commission’s approach to Article 22 EUMR

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119th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 27 May 2021

Subject: European proposal on foreign subsidies

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118th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 30 March 2021

Subject: The first judgments on Covid-19 State aid decisions: Ryanair v Commission (17 February 2021)

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117th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 23 December 2020

Subject: Gatekeepers, dominance, economic dependency, ex-ante regulation : Current and future tools for the online world

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116th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 11 September 2020

Subject: Thoughts on the Commission’s White Paper on Foreign Subsidies (Part II): Acquisitions and foreign subsidies (Module 2)

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115th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 24 July 2020

Subject: Thoughts on the Commission’s White Paper on Foreign Subsidies: How would the new tool (especially Module 1) fit into the EU legal system?

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114th GCLC Virtual Lunch Talk

When: 7 July 2020

Subject: Unilateral Effects post-Hutchison (Case T-399/16). Test and evidence - further merger investigations - economics

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1st GCLC Online Event

When: 8 May 2020

Subject: Can competition hurt consumers? A discussion about "Competition Overdose"


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113th GCLC Lunch Talk 

When: 2 December 2019

Subject: Interim Measures in EU Competition Cases: The Awakening of the Sleeping Beauty

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112th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 2 October 2019

Subject: The Commission’s policy on tax rulings: where do we stand after the first two judgments?

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111th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 16 July 2019

Subject: Exploring the interaction between Arbitration and EU (competition) laws: Achmea and Micula cases

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110th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 27 June 2019 

Subject: The role of the courts in pharma enforcement – Servier and other recent developments

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109th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 27 May 2019 

Subject: Competition enforcement priorities for the next European Commission: What should the next five years bring in antitrust, merger control and state aid?

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108th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 17 April 2019 

Subject: Implications of the German Facebook Decision

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107th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 22 March 2019 

Subject: Siemens/Alstom: merger control between a rock and a hard place?

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106th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 22 February 2019 

Subject: Recent changes in State aid control procedures: a new dawn for third parties?

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105th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 14 December 2018

Subject: The ECN+ has arrived: will it fix the EU antitrust enforcement system?

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104th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 12 November 2018

Subject: The Multilateral Framework on Procedures in Competition Law Investigation and Enforcement (MFP)

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103rd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 15 October 2018

Subject: Common ownership as a competition concern: scoping the issue and how to address it​​​

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102nd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 11 September 2018

Subject: The Android Decision: what theory for what harm to competition?

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101st GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 12 July 2018

Subject: The Gazprom commitment decision: a 'win-win' outcome?

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100th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 22 May 2018

Subject: Prospect of Brexit and EU Competition Law: Some Critical Issues for the European Commission's Agenda

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99th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 25 April 2018

Subject: Joint Ventures and EU Competition Law: recent merger control and antitrust developments

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98th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 26 March 2018

Subject: The Qualcomm Case: lessons for dominant companies in the post-Intel world

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97th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 21 February 2018

Subject: Lunch Talk with U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division, The Hon. Makan Delrahim

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96th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 13 December 2017

Subject: "Online sales after Coty: directions and implications"

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95th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 15 November 2017

Subject: "The revival of excessive pricing in Europe: state of the law and policy implications"

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94th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 09 October 2017

Subject: "Navigating the Maze of Merger Referrals: Law, Policy, and Practice"

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93rd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 11 September 2017

Subject: "The Intel Judgment: First Analysis and Possible Implications"

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92nd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 10th July 2017
Subject: Post Facebook: The standard of care in merger control proceedings
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91st GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 22nd June 2017
Subject: The draft ECN+ Directive: how to fix the network failures?
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90th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 2nd May 2017
Subject: "Algorithms and Markets: Virtual or Virtuous Competition?"
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89th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 5th April 2017
Subject: "Due Process and Merger Control: UPS/TNT and beyond"
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88th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 3rd March 2017
Subject: "World Duty Free/Santander/Lübeck judgments of the CJEU: A welcome clarification or back to square one?"
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87th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 12th December 2016
Subject: The Fate of Complaints in the post-Modernization Context: What Complainants Should Know
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86th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 24th November 2016
Subject: Sports Competition and Competition in Sport: what are the rules of the game?
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85th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 24th October 2016
Subject: Merger Control Series (3): Post mortem: Pitfalls for remedies and their implementation
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84th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 7th October 2016
Subject: Merger Control Series (2/3): Assessing effects efficiently: how have merger investigation techniques evolved and what is the state of the art?
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83rd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 16th September 2016
Subject: Merger Control Series (1/3): Substantive merger control: is the bar higher than it used to be and to what extent?
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82nd GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 8th July 2016
Subject: Selectivity on Trial: A Critical Discussion of Recent State Aid Developments
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81th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 28th April 2016
Subject: The ECN+ Initiative: Outcome and Challenges of the Commission Consultation on the Empowerment of NCAs'
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80th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 4th April 2016
Subject: EU Competition Enforcement and the Legacy of Ordo-liberalism: Myths and Realities
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79th GCLC Lunch Talk

When: 14 March 2016
Subject: Assessing unilateral effects in horizontal mergers: closeness of competition and the role of bidding data
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78th Lunch Talk

When: 30 October 2015
Subject: The Legal Status of Rebates after PostDanmark II
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77th Lunch Talk

When: 14 September 2015
Subject: Competition Enforcement in the Time of Big Data: Myths and Realities
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76th Lunch Talk

When: 29 June 2015
Subject: Seven Years of Settlement Decisions: an appraisal after the TIMAB judgment
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75th Lunch Talk

When: 22 May 2015
Subject: The E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: What, Why and How?
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74th Lunch Talk

When: 20 April 2015
Subject: New Challenges for Fiscal Aids: Tax Rulings are back
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73rd Lunch Talk

When: 19 mars 2015
Subject: Joint and several liability for cartel fines: Lessons from Gigaset and Siemens Austria
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72nd Lunch Talk

When: 16 January 2015
Subject: The internal Energy market: new State aid guidelines and beyond
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71th Lunch Talk

When: 24 November 2014
Subject: Article 101 TFEU: The Object/Effect conundrum after theCartes Bancaires ruling
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70th Lunch Talk

When: 15 July 2014
Subject: The New Wave of Concentrations in the Telecommunications Sector: Merger Control Issues and Remedies
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69th Lunch Talk

When: 26 June 2014
More information

68th Lunch Talk

When: 20 March 2014
Subject: The 2014 Communication on the Notion of State Aid: Tracking Down Where the Modernisation Lies
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67th Lunch Talk

When: 17 December 2013
Subject: The Commission's Decision in Agean/Olympic Air: Merger to Monopoly Clearance under the Failing Firm Defence
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66th Lunch Talk

When: 24 June 2013
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65th Lunch Talk

When: 23 May 2013
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64th Lunch Talk

When: 4 April 2013
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63rd Lunch Talk

When: 8 February 2013
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62nd Lunch Talk

When: 18 January 2013, The Hotel, 38 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels
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Sixty-first Lunch Talk

When: 26 September 2012
Subject: The general court's judgment in the microsoft compliance case T-167/08
More information.

Sixtieth Lunch Talk

When: 18 July 2012
Subject: Pricing Abuses after the Tomra, Telefonica and Post Danmark Judgments
More information

Fifty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 22 June 2012
Subject: The Commission's Review of the Rules for the Assessment of Licensing Agreements for the Transfer of Technology
More information

Fifty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 27 April 2012
Subject: The Complex Interplay between Leniency Applications and Follow-on Litigation: A Closer Look at Pfleiderer and National Grid
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Fifty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 16 March 2012
Subject: Minority shareholdings and the EU Merger Regulation – Bridging the Gap?
More information

Fifty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 15 February 2012
Subject: The Commission Notice on Market Definition - In Need of Update ?
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Fifty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 8 December 2011
Subject: The Judgment of the ECHR in Menarini Diagnostics S.R.L. V. Italy: Impact Assessment On The Eu Competition System
More information

Fifty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 24 October 2011
Subject: The Rights, Powers And Duties Of Ncas: A Review Of The Ecj Rulings In Vebic And Tele2 Polska
More information

Fifty-third Lunch Talk

When: 27 June 2011
Subject: Restructuring Aid in the Financial Sector: An Overview of Compensatory Measures and Other Innovative Remedies
More information

Fifty-second Lunch Talk

When: 27 May 2011
Subject: Leniency Applications and the European Competition Network: Roundtable discussion on the Interplay between National and EU Procedures
More information

Fifty-first Lunch Talk

When: 18 March 2011
Subject: EU Competition Law and Energy – Recent Cases and Issues
More information

Fiftieth Lunch Talk

When: 21 January 2011
Subject: Rebates law revisited? – The General Court's ruling in Tomra v. Commission
More information

Forty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 10 December 2010
Subject: Competition Law and International Agreements – Anything New? The Example of the EU-South Korea FTA
More information

Forty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 23 September 2010
Subject: The Quantification Of Damages For Competition Law Infringements
More information

Forty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 7 July 2010
Subject: Putting The Settlement Procedure Into Practice: The Commission’s Drams Decision
More information

Forty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 7 June 2010
Subject: The Review of the Current Regime for the Assessment of Horizontal Cooperation Agreements under EU Competition Rules
More information

Forty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 20 May 2010
Subject: The Commission's Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry - What's Next?
More information

Forty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 28 April 2010
Subject: The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of EU Competition Policy
More information

Forty-third Lunch Talk

When: 18 March 2010
Subject: The Commission’s Proposed Best Practices in Antitrust Proceedings
More information

Forty-second Lunch Talk

When: 26 November 2009
Subject: Recent trends in the Commission’s Review of Airline Mergers
More information

Forty-first Lunch Talk

When: 5 November 2009
Subject: State Aid and Financial Crisis – The Application of the Principles of Restructuring Aid in Systemic Crisis Situations
More information

Fortieth Lunch Talk

When: 18 September 2009
Subject: The Commission’s Review of the Rules applicable to Vertical Agreements
More information

Thirty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 20 February 2009
Subject: The Commission’s State Aid Policy and the Current Financial Crisis
More information

Thirty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 29 January 2009
Subject: Pricing abuses following the Commission’s Guidance on Article 82 EC
More information

Thirty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 18 December 2008
Subject: The ECJ Judgment in the GSK case
More information

Thirty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 24 October 2008
Subject: State aid and Airports – Recent Developments in EC Competition Law
More information

Thirty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 6 October 2008
Subject: Information Exchange Agreements under EC Competition Law
More information

Thirty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 1 July 2008
Subject: The CFI Judgment in Deutsche Telekom AG v. Commission
More information

Thirty-third Lunch Talk

When: 17 April 2008
Subject: Competition law claims in arbitration proceedings
More information

Thirty-second Lunch Talk

When: 19 March 2008
Subject: The Decision of the Commission to Fine Microsoft €899 millions for Non-Compliance With Its 2004 Decision: A Discussion on Procedure and Substance
More information

Thirty-first Lunch Talk

When: 26 February 2008
Subject: The Investigative Powers of the Commission in Cartel Cases
More information

Nineteenth Lunch Talk

When: 21 April 2006
Subject: The Commission’s recent sectoral enquiries with a specific focus on the energy sector
More information

Eighteenth Lunch Talk

When: 6 March 2006
Subject: The GE/Honeywell Judgment of the CFI: Impact on the Assessment of Conglomerate Mergers
More information

Seventeenth Lunch Talk

When: 30 January 2006
Subject: What is the role of lobbyists in competition law proceedings?
More information

Sixteenth Lunch Talk

When: 6 December 2005
Subject: The Future Role and Organisation of the Court in the Competition Field
More information

Fifteenth Lunch Talk

When: 21 October 2005
Subject: The Potential for Significant Inaccuracies in Merger Simulation Models
More information

Fourteenth Lunch Talk

When: 19 September 2005
Subject: State Aid Action Plan: a Practitioner’s View
More information

Thirteenth Lunch Talk

When: 27 June 2005
Subject: Access to File: An Effective Right of Defence?
More information

Twelfth Lunch Talk

When: 31 May 2005
Subject: The Role of Trustees in EC Competition Law
More information

Eleventh Lunch Talk

When: 29 April 2005
Subject: Conglomerate Merger Control after Tetra Laval
More information

Tenth Lunch Talk

When: 15 March 2005
Subject: Navigating the Roadblocks on the Leniency Highway
More information

Ninth Lunch Talk

When: 18 February 2005
Subject: Legal Professional Privilege in Competition Proceedings before the European Commission
More information

Eighth Lunch Talk

When: 4 February 2005
Subject: The Oracle/PeopleSoft merger from two contrasting vantage points
More information

Seventh Lunch Talk

When: 16 December 2004
Subject: Private Actions for Damages in Case of Breach of EC Competition Rules
More information

Sixth Lunch Talk

When: 2 November 2004
Subject: Pricing Abuses under Article 82
More information

Fifth Lunch Talk

When: 29 September 2004
Subject: International Cartel Enforcement
More information

Fourth Lunch Talk

When: 12 July 2004
Subject: Some critical thoughts on Trinko, Microsoft and IMS
More information

Third Lunch Talk

When: 24 June 2004
Subject: State Measures Restricting Competition
More information

Second Lunch Talk

When: 27 April 2004
Subject: Should Private Antitrust Enforcement be encouraged in Europe?
More information

First Lunch talk

When: 30 March 2004
Subject: The Commission's Guidelines on the Assessment of Horizontal Mergers
More information


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