Événements à Natolin

Année académique 2018/2019


Start of the Academic Year 2018-2019 at the Natolin campus

Visit of the participants of the Enlargement Academy to Natolin

Video lecture: "Is governing energy governing the world?" by Dr James A. HENDERSON

What do we talk when we talk about tech?

Visit of a delegation of civil servants from Kosovo

High-level lecture entitled "Reflections on Ukraine" by H.E. Stefan GULLGREN

Human rights in the digital era

Travelling back in time to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

"5 Years After": Alumni Reunion of the Václav Havel Promotion (2012-2013)

First semester study trip to Ukraine

Visit of the Data Protection Office officials in Natolin

High-level video lecture on climate action by Professor Dieter HELM

High-level lecture by Professor Aleks SZCZERBIAK: "Will there be Eurosceptic Backlash in Eastern Europe?"

ICANN representatives visit Natolin

Speed Debating at Natolin

First meeting of the Historical Film Club with a screening of the movie "Różyczka" by Jan KIDAWA-BŁOŃSKI

Documentary screening on "Politics, power and pipelines" by the the Energy Governance Society

Debate "Polish Independence Regained: One Hundred Years On"

High-level lecture on "The Fall of the Habsburg Empire" by Professor Martyn RADY

Visit by Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Online panel discussion with Mrs Tamar KHULORDAVA: "Moving Georgia in the Right Direction"

Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2018-2019 at the College of Europe in Natolin

"Modern Diplomacy in Practice" with Belgian Ambassador Raoul DELCORDE

What do we talk about when we talk about Internet regulation?

Our first journalism and writing workshops!

British National Day in Natolin

Preparatory lecture on COP24

A workshop on Interconnectivity and Complexity by Sunium

Talk by Mr Ryszard CHOLEWIŃSKI on "Labour Migration in the Middle East in light of the Global Compact on Migration"

The 3rd Asia and Pacific Day at the Parliament of the Republic of Poland

Discussing digital diplomacy

Polish National Day 2018 at Natolin

Special lecture by Dr Adam BOWER: "Norms Without the Great Powers"

Movie screening by the ENP Society: "Bitter Harvest" by George MENDELUK

The Women’s Rights Watch Society organised a meeting on "Solidarity according to Women"

German, Danish and Swedish Day at Natolin

International Conference organized in partnership with the Embassy of Belgium

Natolin students participate in the COP24 in Katowice (Poland)

Ashoka Talks: Positive Redefining of Democracy

Christmas Alumni Gathering at Natolin

Screening of the black comedy “Rewers” organised by the Historical Film Club

Christmas dinner for Natolin students

High-level lecture by Professor Joseph WEILER: "Values in Leadership and the Moral Sources of Decisions"

Natolin Dialogues with Professor Joseph WEILER: "Law, Conscience and Justice: In search of synergy"

Conference with Ms Jelena APARAC on "Sexual Violence against Women in Armed Conflicts"

Visit to Natolin by Ministers for European Integration from the Western Balkans

Conference: "Changing International Order: A View from Down Under" with H.E. Mr Paul WOJCIECHOWSKI, Australian Ambassador to Poland

High-level lecture on "Limit and the Unlimited in Ancient Greece and Modern Europe" by Professor Richard SEAFORD

International conference: "Religion and Politics: The Cult of Dionysus in the Graeco-Roman World"

Visit to Museum on the Vistula organised by the Natolin Academy of Migration

Natolin students visit Bruges campus

Visit to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency organised by the Natolin Academy of Migration

High-level debate with Ms Nathalie LOISEAU and Mr Konrad SZYMAŃSKI, Ministers for European Affairs of France and Poland

The Natolin Energy Governance Society visited the Dispatch Centre of the Polish Transmission System Operator (PSE)

Meeting with H.E. Ambassador Artur HARAZIM, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

Natolin Historical Film Club: "Wołyń"

High level visit of the Minister for European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Dhurata HOXHA

The French National Day at the Natolin campus

Special lecture by Professor Mateusz GROCHOWSKI: "Digital Single Market. Policy Debates and Legislative Prospects"

Special lecture by Dr Emile BADARIN: "Politics of Resilience and its Disciplinary Power in the Context of EU Foreign Policy toward the Southern Neighbourhood"

Natolin student delegation at the London International Model United Nations

Special lecture by Professor Vincent GEISSER about political transition in Tunisia

Panel discussion on "Reproductive Rights in Europe: Evolutions and Perspectives" by the Women’s Rights Watch Society

Natolin Neighbourhood Days 2019: High-level lecture by Prof. Carl-Ulrik SCHIERUP organized by the Natolin Academy of Migration

Panel discussion on the future of education with Geek Girls Carrots

"Meet the Professionals" - Facebook's Policy Team

Workshop on "Hate Crimes and Intolerance in the Public Discourse" organised by the Migration and Human Rights Society

Workshop on European History: "Back to the future — from Europe’s rise back to China’s centrality?" by Dr Igor ROGELJA

Hon. Madeleine K. ALBRIGHT, former US Secretary of State, inaugurates the Zbigniew Brzezinski Memorial Lecture Series

Visit to the Polish Institute of International Affairs organised by the Energy Governance Nest

Diplomacy, Culture and Food: Natolin Celebrated Armenian National Day

High-level lecture by the Ambassador of Armenia to Poland

Special lecture by Dr Emile BADARIN: "Palestinian Political Discourse: Then and Now"

Natolin Neighbourhood Days 2019: Round-table Debate "Is soft law really the solution to manage migration?", organized by the Natolin Academy of Migration

High-level lecture by Mr Josep BORRELL, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation

Special lecture by Mr Piotr SZYMAŃSKI: "Baltic States and the strategic chessboard of Europe — insights from the region’s past, present and future"

Introductory Seminar on International Humanitarian Law and UNHCR Simulation Game "Passages"

Special lecture by Mr Thorniké GORDADZE entitled: "Current Geopolitical Trends in the South Caucasus"

Meeting with Dr Aleksandra GAWLIKOWSKA-FYK at Energy Forum

New Generation Summit — 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership

International Conference — 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership

"Europe after Brexit" – High-level lecture by Mr Michel BARNIER

14th Half-Marathon in Warsaw

Rencontre de haut niveau avec l’Ambassadeur de Tunisie en Pologne, S.E. M. Sghaier FATNASSI

Special lecture by Dr Flora KUPARINEN entitled "Security in the Wider Baltic Region"

High-Level Lecture by Dr Anaïs MARIN entitled "Domestic drivers of Belarus' foreign policy balancing"

High-level lecture by Dr Franz FISCHLER: "European Elections – What do we want to do together in the future?"

Italian National Day at the Natolin campus

"A creative escape" — an art exhibition at the College of Europe in Natolin

Romanian-Moldovan National Day

The Arab Night at Natolin

LinkedIn Training at the Natolin campus

Natolin Second Semester Study Trip Week

High-level lecture by Prof. Alvin JACKSON — "War and the disintegration of union and empire, 1914-21: The United Kingdom in comparative context"

Special Lecture by Prof. Paul DEMARET: "A Dispassionate Look at the European Internal Market"

Natolin students visit the Embassy of Georgia to Poland

Natolin students at the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership in Brussels

EUROLIB General Assembly at Natolin

“ChilEspaña Day” at the Natolin campus

Conference by H.E. Francisco Javier RUPÉREZ: "The national and international fight against terrorism"

Open Day at the College of Europe in Natolin

Stress management and slackline workshops

"Fifteen years after" - Alumni reunion of the John Locke Promotion (2003-2004)

Closing of the season at the Natolin Historical Film Club: "The Leopard" by Luchino Visconti

Natolin Football Cup 2019

Natolin Graduation Debate: The Future of the Eastern Partnership

Natolin Graduation Ceremony of the Manuel Marín Promotion 2018-2019

6th Edition of the "Leopolis for Future" Internship Program

European Round Robin Debating Championships

Seventh edition of the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA)